What to do

If you’d like to do something meaningful and be a part of the fight against GBV, there are a number of things that you can do. A good place to start would be getting the “True Legends” haircut. It helps show those around you that you are not a stereotype.

Tears Foundation

Get to a Legends Barbershop

There are over 30 Legends Barbershops across South Africa and Botswana, and that number continues to grow. Find your closest barbershop below and get the free True Legends cut today. The cuts will be free for the first 500 participants.


Ask for the cut

Ask for the cut that makes a statement: “I am not a stereotype. I am a well-groomed man who is taking a stand against Gender-Based Violence.”

Legends Barbershop

Join the Wall of Legends

The more men who get the True Legends cut, the safer women will feel. So, get the cut and join the Wall of Legends.

What it looks like

The True Legends cut has specifically been developed in partnership with some of SA’s top designers and SA’s top barbers. It is unique and iconic – a slashed teardrop finely shaved into the hair or beard. It shows that you’ve helped commit to being anti-GBV.

what it looks like
what it looks like
what it looks like
what it looks like
what it looks like
what it looks like

Find your nearest barbershop

True legends protect women. Find your nearest Legends Barbershop to make a statement of support that you’re anti-GBV.