how can you help #cutthestereotype

Get the cut

The True Legends cut makes a big statement – that you are committed to being anti-GBV. The more men who get it, the more supported women will feel.


Take the Pledge

Partner with Legends Barbershop and TEARS by taking our online pledge to help show that you are anti-GBV.

Join the Wall of Legends

Loving someone means making a better and safer place for them. Add your voice to the Wall of Legends to help show that you are not a stereotype.

Cut The Stereotype campaign

TEARS Foundation, in partnership with Legends Barbershop, have launched an initiative so men can help combat the pandemic of Gender-Based Violence in South Africa, #CutTheStereotype.

help is at your fingertips

TEARS offer a 24-hour, free USSD service to anyone who has access to a mobile phone, regardless of who you are, or where you are nationwide. It tracks your location and provides you with the details of the nearest care facility. If you or anyone you know needs help, please dial the free helpline - *134*7355#

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